Polityka prywatności

Privacy policy

  1. Your privacy is our priority. With that in mind, your name, surname and other information will only be used in the ways specified by these terms and conditions. Data will be gathered only to maintain relations with you and will be stored for as long as those relations last or as long as the law requires it.

  2. While visiting the web page you remain anonymous. It is only after you register and log in using a user name and a password, that the information is collected. We gather, use and store information about you when you place an order on the web site. The data that we are authorised to collect is your: name and surname, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, sex, details about your credit cards and bank accounts.

  3. The data you make available to us by shopping on our website will be used to manage your order, your account and to verify your online payment. After your agreement we may send you e-mail with other offers. You can refuse these messages at any time.

  4. Our web site uses cookies. Cookies are small text files. They recognise your computer as a unique entry on our web site. They are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. Cookies are used to identify your IP address. We use cookies in order to complete transactions in a safe way, to understand how you use our web site, and what we can do to make thae experience more pleasant for you. We also use cookies for marketing and statistics. At any time you can change your cookies settings in your browser. Using our web site without changing the settings means that the cookie files will end up on your device. Switching of cookies will make placing an order impossible.

  5. We are authorised to give your: address, name, surname and telephone number to another company that will deliver your order for example: our courier or another delivery company.

  6. You can access your information at any time by logging onto your account on our web site. There you can check the history and the status of your orders, manage your addresses, bank account information and the newsletters you are subscribed to. You are required to keep your login and password to yourself and not share this information with a third party.

  7. Gathering your information through the web site, we store them on a secure server. We use a firewall on our servers. When we collect data on credit cards, we use a SSL security protocol.